HippoCamp 2017-Breakout Session Presenter

Many Roads Traveled: Writing, Publishing, and Editing Across Intersections

-An interactive presentation concerning how we as writers must recognize, develop, and live our personal intersections to be a responsible and supportive member of the creative community.

HippoCamp 2016-Flash Panel Presenter

Reloading the Canon: On Being an Editor of Color

-A brief presentation on the good, the bad, and the ugly of being an editor of color in an industry that is overwhelmingly white and slow to change.

AWP 2013-Panel Presenter

Stranger in the Strange Land?: The Poet in the Composition Classroom

-A panel consisting of poets involved with the teaching of composition from poet/instructors to a poet-librarian working closely with composition instructors as well as teacher/writers who bring the discussion of poetry into the study of composition.