AWP 2013, Boston

Panelist for Stranger in a Strange Land: Poets in the Composition Classroom

HippoCamp 2016, Lancaster

Flash Session Presenter for Reloading the Canon: On Being an Editor of Color

HippoCamp 2017, Lancaster

Breakout Session Presenter for Many Roads Traveled: Writing, Publishing, and Editing Across Intersections

HippoCamp 2018, Lancaster

Breakout Session Presenter forĀ Navel Gazing and Other Worthy Pursuits

The Muse and The Marketplace 2019, Boston

Teaching Scholar for Navel Gazing and Other Worthy Pursuits: A Character Building Game

Wakandacon 2019, Chicago

Panelist/Moderator for Fan Fiction for Black Girls When Reader Inserts Ain't Enuf

HippoCamp 2019, Lancaster

Breakout Session Presenter for Doubt by Any Other Name: Combating Impostor Syndrome and Finding Your Voice



Memoir Workshop, Drexel Writer's Room, November 2018

No God in This Room Book Signing and Reading, The Soap Gallery, November 2018

The Breakbeat Poets Vol 2: Black Girl Magic Book Tour Stop, Politics and Prose (Union Market, Washington D.C.), September 2018