No God In This Room (Argus House Press)

Selected Published Essays and Poetry

Creative Non-Fiction:

"More Black Women Are Carrying Guns Than Ever Before. But Could I?"-

"Squelch"-Great Lakes Review

"Heed the Klaxon, Watch for Waves"- The Grief Diaries

"Saturday Night at the D.A.V."-Compose Journal

"A Love Supreme: The Life of a Pre-Divorcee"-For Harriet

"First Person/Present Tense"-For Harriet

"Computer Love: Breaking Up in the Digital Age"-For Harriet

"Manifest Destiny"-For Harriet

"Scorched Earth"-For Harriet

"Curtain Calls and Encores"-For Harriet

"Rounding Out the Earth"-For Harriet



"Is It Sweet?"-THIS Magazine

"Ornithology"-The Rising Phoenix Review

"Alternative Facts"-The Rising Phoenix Review

"Old Growth"-Rose Red Review